Ingrown Toenails

Do you have Onychocryptosis? You might not know the word but you would certainly know if you did, because Onychocryptosis, or ingrown nails, are no joke- especially when they occur on one’s feet.

Ingrown toenails can turn ordinary activities like standing, running or just walking around into painful ordeals and should be treated as early as possible. If you have an ingrown toenail, don’t stand around and suffer. Do yourself a favor and visit Podiatry Associates of Rochester, where treatment of ingrown toenails is our specialty.

After carefully examining your affected toe, one of our dedicated staff will help determine the best course of treatment to insure that your comfort is restored and infection avoided. Our talented podiatrists are the authorities when it comes to Onychocryptosis treatment and will treat your foot with the utmost care. Some treatment options include: phenolisation, wedge resection, laser treatment and CO2 laser surgery.

No matter the treatment, Podiatry Associates of Rochester’s staff will treat your foot with the utmost care and professionalism. We’ll give you your life back one toe at a time.

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